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Definition of Functional Text. Today I will invite you to learn about functional text. In this case I will explain starting from the definition, types and examples. Functional text, I think is very important because many functional texts used in our daily life so you should not miss this article.

Definition of Functional Text

In general, I can say that functional text is text that has a specific function and purpose and in a simple, functional text is a text that explains something or that tells you how to do something. Functional text is used for everyday information. It is called functional because it helps you function in day-to-day life. For example, if I want to make a cake then I would read a recipe to make a cake. These are some example of functional text and also the purpose of these examples of functional text.
  1. Recipes: create a meal or dish 
  2. Menu: choose something to eat
  3. Manuals: tell you how to do some thing 
  4. Index: to find the pages of a word or term you are looking for 
  5. Dictionary: to give you definition, part speech, pronunciation 
  6. Chart: displays different kinds of data; information 
  7. Graph: to show you how data are related or changes over time 
  8. Maps: It show you directions, places, local to the word and statistics etc.. 

Some examples of functional text 

In addition to the above examples, there are also functional text that aims to entertain or provide information such as recount text, narrative and descriptive text.

For an example of functional text, I have set up special discussions to be learned. Some those examples are:
  1. Functional Text: Recount Texts 
  2. Functional Text: Procedural Texts 
  3. Functional Text: Narrative Texts 
  4. Functional Text: Descriptive Texts 
With the examples above, I hope you can understand and understand better about this text. For those who need the examples of a functional text may read directly through the links above.

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