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Functional Text: Recount Texts. Storytelling is something that we often do in everyday life, stories we tell can form thoughts, sad stories, history or anything else. That's why in this article I will discuss about "Functional Text: Recount Texts". Expected to discuss this matter with us that much easier for us to tell something.

Explanation of Recount Texts 

A recount text is a text that tells us about a part of experience. A recount text has an orientation, a series of events in chronological order, personal remarks on the events, and a reorientation that “rounds off” the sequence of events. In the text, you will find words and phrases used to start, connect a sentence with the next one, and end your composition. Recount texts tell a series of events and evaluate their significance in some way.

Social function
to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining
Generic structure 
  • Orientation: provides the setting and introduces participants 
  • Events: tell what happened, in what sequence 
  • Re-orientation: optional-closure of events 
When writing recounts you should:
  1. Focus on individual people i.e. use the words, I or we 
  2. Use words which indicate when (e.g. after lunch) and where the events took place (e.g. in the shed) 
  3. Write in the past tense e.g. had, visited 
  4. Use action words e.g. helped, crutched. 

Source: www.lmpc.edu.au. 

Examples of recount texts

To be able to understand it easily, I include an example that can be learned. For a while I was just going to give a few examples, but next time I will add more examples to get more and complete.

My Day
I had a terrible day yesterday. First, I woke up an hour late because my alarm clock didn't go off. Then, I was in such a hurry that I burned my hand when I was making breakfast. After breakfast, I got dressed so quickly that I forgot to wear socks. 
Next, I ran out of the house trying to get the 9:30 bus, but of course I missed it. I wanted to take a taxi, but I didn't have enough money.

Finally, I walked the three miles to my school only to discover that it was Sunday! I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday.
Taken from Ready to Write, 2003

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